To whom it may concern:
For the past five years, I have been referring my patients with temporomandibular dysfunction to Mr. Vladimir Milchin for massage therapy. Mr. Milchin is a registered massage therapist. His clinic is a safe and clean facility that is located at #306, 638 - 11th Avenue SW.
Many of my patients dealing with temporomandibular dysfunction present with one or more of the following symptoms: headaches, jaw pain, dental pain, reduced or limited jaw opening, ear aches, and tinnitus. Throughout these past five years, Vladimir has demonstrated to be a knowledgeable and intuitive therapist with regards to the treatment of the above symptoms in my patients. In some cases, I have combined splint/occlusal guard therapy along with Vladimir's distinctive massage therapy treatment. Together, this has led to a satisfying reduction of TMJ dysfunction symptoms for my patients. 
I would recommend that you consider Vladimir as an excellent referral for you patients dealing with TMJ dysfunction.
Yours truly,

G June Dabbagh BSc DDS

February  11,2011

December 20, 2010
Clinic of Distinctive Therapies
#306, 638 - 11 Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB  T2R OE2

To Whom It May Concern:
I have suffered from TMJ for more than 20 years. "TMJ-" is the name used when people clench their teeth when they sleep at night. The condition is so severe that I have broken two teeth, I have a headache almost every day, and the pain gets so severe that sometimes my eyesight is even diminished. The pain involves my whole head, it gives me a very sore face, cheeks and jaw, and my neck and shoulders are tight and painful in response to all the aggravation caused in the area. The headaches get so bad that I get dizzy and it hurts just to comb my hair. It directly affects what a person can eat because anything crunchy intensifies the problem. It results in a very poor night's sleep and leaves me exhausted in the morning. Overall, it really diminishes a person's daily quality of life. 
Medical doctor will tell you to take painkillers; this is obviously not a long term solution. Dentists will make splints (this is a good thing as it protects your teeth)
but that is all a splint does. A splint does not stop any of the painful feelings described above. I have tried physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic countless times with several different practitioners; so often with so many different therapists that I've lost count. 
So where do you get the relief you are so desperate for?
I am so delighted to tell you that I have found Vladimir Milchin. Within 3 treatments he had eliminated all of my pain altogether. Never before have I benefited from such wonderful results! He uses techniques that I have never encountered before. Unlike many of my previous attempts at treatment, his methods are pain free, pleasant, easy, and the relief is instant!
As one who has searched for solutions for 20 years, I can tell you that I have found it. Vladimir Milchin's techniques are unique and the most immediate and effective that I've ever experienced. He is very knowledgeable about this condition TMJ and knows exactly how to alleviate the pain and restore your well-being.
Thanks to Vladimir I feel so much better! If you are suffering, I encourage you to get treatment and start getting you life back. 
Cheryl Taylor
Calgary, Alberta

Date: October 26, 2010
For 25 years I have suffered from TMJ discomfort. Orthodontics and Dentistry could only do so much relating to the alignment and the stress this causes to my jaw. This did not totally address the discomfort and lack of movement I dealt with on a daily basis. My Dentist is one of Vladimir's patients and recommended contacting him for treatment. Since then I have experienced ease of movement and wider opening in the jaw with less pain. It is like the weight of my jaw has lightened and it is not as much of  strain on a day to day basis. Both my dentist and myself contribute this improvement to Vladimir's treatments. And there is not as much tension on a day to day basis.
Cindy Tippe
Supply Chain Analyst, Enterprise Optimazation
Shell Canada Limited, Calgary, AB

In the 1990s I was told that a young man that worked with athletes in Russia was immigrating to Calgary. He would be available on premises close to my home.
I had been dealing with considerable discomfort from a sciatic problem that was so painful that I found it difficult to give my dog his necessary walk every day in the park. Indeed I was becoming very sedentary at too early an age. After very few treatments I was pain free and that particular problem has never reoccurred. 
I have been so very impressed with Vladimir's healing hand that I recommended him to others.
He assisted several who in turn recommended Vladimir to others. Vladimir has advised certain friends that he could not alter their condition and could only make their discomfort bearable. 
Vladimir is the only therapist that I have ever used. He has kept me functioning in my very senior years. 

In the fall of 2014 I developed sciatic nerve problems that became progressively more painful in a short period. My family doctor had me x-rayed. He said surgery was not a reasonable alternative. His prescription of pills provided very little relief. A very good chiropractor was no help either. I gradually became crippled by the pain making it difficult to walk and sleep at night.

After three months of suffering during a conversation with an old school acquaintance I casually mentioned that I likely would not be playing tennis in the near future due to my sciatica problem. She said that she had a severe shoulder problem that had affected her for a long time. Vladimir Milchin cured her. Hearing this I said please give me his name and number and I will give him a try.

My partner Sandra drove me to my first appointment. That day I was experiencing acute pain and Sandra helped me right into Vladimir’s office.  Off came my shirt so he could assess my back problem. Vladimir asked me to lay on his table but I could hardly lay down because of pain.

After probing along my spine Vladimir applied a unique type of therapeutic message technique to my lower back.  After a short while he asked me stand and walk around the table. The excruciating pain that I had minutes earlier had disappeared. I smiled and said “you are amazing - you have just cured me.” Sandra could hear me from where she was waiting and could tell I was excited. Well I wasn’t completely cured from that first session but it gave me relief for three days and then the sciatica pain returned. The next session provided more instant relief. I had a total of five sessions with Vladimir and have been free of sciatic pain for more than a year.

I am convinced that it was a combination of Vladimir’s capable experience in assessing the cause and location of my sciatic problem and his unique therapeutic technique which he learned in the Ukraine and Russia and brought with him to Calgary.

*Lawrence- November 2015*

"I had been diagnosed with a herniated disk and bursitis in the leg. After numerous treatments at the 
physio therapist and two rounds of cortisone shots, nothing seemed to be helping. My dentist
referred me to Mr. Milchin and through his unique spine manipulation, I now have decreased 
pain in my back and leg I can now walk more comfortably."

Bonnie Chmilowski - September 2015

Using his unique blend of manipulation and massage, Vladimir solved my chronic
back and shoulder pain. Regular maintenance appointments with him have kept
my back healthy and fully functional for many years.

Nancy - October, 2015

I had been experiencing lower back problems most of my life and then was referred to Vladimir by a friend.     I have seen him since, for a number of years regarding my lower back pain and sciatica. He diagnosed and treated my problem quickly.   His care has always gotten me back on my feet. I have been able to sleep better, and have gotten back to golfing, hiking & riding motorcycles.    Vladimir is a strong believer in maintenance, and if I adhered to this practice I do not have any problems with my back.  Vladimir is very professional, friendly, and a very caring man.  I highly recommend Vladimir at the Clinic of Distinctive Therapies to anyone who needs treatment of any kind.


Jo-Ann Wells