Vladimir Milchin, RMT
Certified Massage Therapist

Vladimir's Method results in the reduction or elimination of chronic and acute pain and a greater range of motion. It is effective in the treatment of spine and joint degeneration as well as arthritis in its numerous forms.

This Therapy is "use of hands only" and has no equivalent in western treatments.

Diagnosis is made solely through probing with the fingers. This is made possible through many years of experience, specialized training and an extreme sensitivity of the fingers. After assessment, the hands work, patiently, massaging and manipulating to heal the afflicted area. Chronic conditions may require infrequent "maintenance" treatments.

Vladimir's Training in this therapy was developed through a degree from the University of Physical Education in the Ukraine that included physical therapy and massage with further training in acupressure and folk healers' manual techniques.

All this is enhanced by 35 years of experience